Levasole injectible wormer

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Jun 9, 2004
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South Central Texas
Has anyone used this? Is it still good to use since if is an older product? I was thinking about using it in the spring and Ivomec + in the fall since it is about a 1/4 of the price of Ivomec. Is it an effective wormer in your opinion? Thanks!
My late fatherin-law used levasole.|He said Ivomec was way better product in his opinon even if it was more money. :) :)
I used some of the injectable Tramisol about 25 years ago. Best I recollect, the dosage was pretty high. About 20-25cc SQ. That's a prettty big mass, so two sites would be better than one. Maybe by now they have changed the rate.

Anyway, that involves a lot of time and stress if you have many to do. Some of the generic Ivermectin pours are really getting pretty cheap. I found some 5 Liter for $180. Hard to beat $1.80/hd for a 1100# cow.

To answer your question, it is an effective wormer. Just not nearly as good as your other choices. Look at the label and see what it controls, the residual activity, and compare it. It might have changed a lot since I used any, but I'm still not interested at any price.
Thanks for all of your input. We have always used Ivomec inj. but saw the Levasole at the coop for a lot cheaper and thought it might be a cost effective alternative for calves since it would cost $1.13 per calf opposed to over $2.50 for ivomec +. I think I will stick to the Ivomec. Thanks a lot for your information! :D

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