Letting a cow go is hard, any 1 by me on dat?

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Everyone in my family of 5 except me "boycotts" McDonalds. I live with a bunch of vegitarians while raising cattle. My wife does fill the car with ethanol to, as she puts it, "help support the American farmer." But no beef pass her lips. Just had to support the boycotter a little!
Letting a cow go is no problem for me as long as i get a good price for them. Remember one thing Stephen Clark Moto is all my cows are for sale but they are not on sale!!
Yeah I remember my 1st Beef show. I cried when I sold my calf, I was even stupid enough to quite eating beef. Finally I just had to realize it was his purpose in life to go feed another person. So I quite feeling sorry for him. Now I can't wait till next show.
Ellie May
Oh yeah and naming your calf different names is a good idea like I started out naming them- PC(Purty Calf), then went on to Shaggy & funny names, I even had one named Meat ball. Now next years calves are McD for McDonalds, BK or King for Burger King.

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