Lemon Cake Pudding

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Nov 2, 2006
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We belong to the local electric company and they publish a little magazine every month. They have a recipe page and you can submit a recipe with a chance of getting a $50 credit on your next bill. They have a different topic every month and last month was lemon. I have this recipe so I thought I would send it in, it got published but I didn't win the $50 :cry2: So anyway yesterday my husband was in the house and I was a Bible School and this lady from southern Iowa calls about the recipe. She said this seems a little runny, is the recipe printed right? My hubby was like, are you kidding me? (He didn't say that, just thought it) She even wanted my cell phone!! Some people. Anyway, here is the recipe. It is a little runny when you make it, but it transforms when you bake it. It's cake and pudding, a perfect combo. I just cut and pasted it from my mom.

This is the Lemon Cake Pudding recipe. It is in my Betty Crocker Cookbook.
l/4 cup flour
l cup sugar
l/4 tsp salt------------Sift together into mixing bowl.

l tsp grated lemon rind, optional {I often omit this}
l/4 cup lemon Juice or l/3 cup juice
2 or 3 egg yolks well beaten
l cup milk or 1 1/4 cup milk
Stir into flour & Sugar mixture.

2 or 3 egg whites stiffly beaten
Fold into above mixture.

Pour into l qt baking dish. I use corning ware. Set in dish of hot water l" deep. Bake for 50 minutes at 350* . Serve warm or cold.


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