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Mar 13, 2009
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I've got a 20 month steer on 5lbs of 12% and free choice 1st & 2nd cutting grass hay. Living in ice and snow covered pasture in NY state. He is separated from herd for finishing. Developed major swelling in right front and rear leg and quarter. Thought he had foot rot and treated with 45 cc LA-200. 2 days later was able to get him in and look at feet. They were perfectly healthy. Swelling in front quarter has gone down but rear quarter and legs are still swollen with a slight limp. Now on week #3. Any ideas?
Could be acidosis but with only 5lbs of 12 % I find that doubtful. How far from being finished is he ? My suggestion would be do not treat anymore and follow withdrawl times to a T ,then butcher..

What is he getting for minerals ,he could be lacking magnesium (I think that is the right one,,correct me if I am wrong people)..

Or you could call a vet or your nutritionist for a free opinion..
hmm... my first thought was a nasty fall on ice or concrete followed by infection of the scraped skin.

But it's hard to know from the details given.

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