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Jan 25, 2007
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Just got off the phone with an elderly lady that is trying to lease to me 124 acres of open pasture good grass land for $700 a month! I told her thank you and good luck but she ain't getting no cattleman to lease it for that around here. I told her I would pay her taxes and take care of the land, she said the taxes were $1800 a year which is about what I'd pay for it. She is really upset (not at me), she swears that used to rent to someone who ran cattle on it for $700 a month but I just can't figure out how they did it. I shouldn't have done it but I promised her I'd call her back and come take a look at it to try and help her out if I could. I just felt sorry for her.
youd think for $700 a month theres a house on that farm.just the land alone might go for $20 an ac here.because finding land to lease is tough around here.
Not trying to be mean here, but how old is the little old lady? Maybe her memory isn't what it used to be. If it has a house, then that's the obvious answer. I used to lease some land for hay from a "little old lady" - she up'd the price on me every year until it got to the point that it was cheaper for me to buy hay than to lease from her and pay for fertilizer. Sometimes the "little old ladies" can be sharp as a tack and take advantage of their status. I had to politely withdraw from the lease, you'd swear I'd cut her arm off. Within a few months, though, she had another sucker paying overprice for the land. :?

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