Leachman Cavvy

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Jun 4, 2007
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Beaverdam, virginia
does anyone know what has become of the horses at the Leachman Cavvy?

I saw an article this week that the Scott Ranch had come out of the bankrupcy with a clear title and a new buyer who was going to run cattle not horses.

two other properties still tied up.

Seth Leachman e-mailed me back in the fall that they were hoping to have a horse sale but did not know when. don't get any e-mail response from him now.
well i don't feel quite so stupid.

208 views on advantage cattle and thirty views of same topic on cattle today and no one has ventured an opinion or answer.

Jim Tate
Pipe Dream Farm
Beaverdam, Va.
Still trying to figure out what Leachman Cavvy is. :lol: :???:

Obviously I won't be much help........... :banana:

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