Late seaon ryegrass

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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
Anyone ever plant ryegrass on prepared land late? Just wondering how it would do. Have a few acres of prepared land that was planted in rye and it just didn't do well. Of course it seems this was the norm around here this year as no one's did. Normally, ryegrass is planted here around Oct - Nov but some as late as December. It will grow till May. The soil is fertilized and I can get the seed at a discount since it is surplus. Just wondering if it was worth a try. Don't plan on doing that many acres so the money part isn't going to kill me if it fails. We are finally getting some moisture and the conditions are perfect for growth. I just hate having these conditions with nothing growing. I guess the question is, how long would it take to become grazable under optimal conditions. :???:
Know how you feel, little bit of moisture and nice sunshine has me itching to. I don't know your plans after the ryegrass would come off, but I might be inclined to wait a few more weeks and plant haygrazer or millet. Anyway, I believe Alabama planted some ryegrass last February and did ok with it.
Go for it if the price is right. Two years ago, I threw out some ryegrass seed left over from the fall around the barn and pens ( approximately 3 acres). I don't remember the exact date but it was between President's day and the first of March. That ryegrass took off like crazy. I turned 5 first calf heifers in the last of March/first of April and they could not keep up with the ryegrass. But it was a wet spring. Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
Thanks for the repies. Time permitting I will try and do it this weekend. Nothing ventured nothing gained right? Vette, it looks like I got plenty of land that is already for the millet. I doubt I will even have to harrow it first. :mad: I don't know what happened in our area other than continued drought and real drastic temperature fluctuations. Its been a wild ride these last two years.
Yep, winter grazing was a bust this year. I've got oats that is so water stressed that what has survived is heading out already. The ground hasn't gotten enough rain to crust over yet. If we would start getting some rain I'd like to plant some haygrazer in it in a bout a month. Still have the cowpeas, soybeans and millet I bought last year to plant. I'd like to use that up too. Might have to use the pasture drill, but I plan to plant it strait into the oats.
Mine is heading out too. Its got absolutely no body to it. If I turn the cows on it I'm sure it will be back to dirt in just a few days. I'm really disgusted with it. Its one thing to have a failure when fertilizer is down and cow prices are up but when everything is up except cow prices then it just adds insult to injury. I hate to say it but I'm glad its not just me. I guess misery loves company.

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