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Dec 6, 2007
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Yesterday my mother and I were cleaning some of her old stuff out of the basement of the house she used to live in. She lived there for 49 years. My youngest daughter is living there now and wants the stuff out so she can use the basement for her stuff. Anyway, we came across a Christmas present that my mother had bought for me when I was 9 years old that she never got around to giving me for some reason. It's still in the box it was shipped in with the $0.85 cent stamp on it that was required for shipping back in 1962. All over the box is the word Lionel. Yep, it's a Lionel train set. I haven't had a chance to check and see what model it is. Pretty cool late Christmas present I thought. My grandsons will get it some day. Maybe, 2058. :lol:
Lionel train set still in and unopen box might just be worth some
Be worth checking out. Do not take it out of the box! If you have taken it out KEEP THE BOX!
I still haven't taken time to look at it yet. We looked inside the big shipping box as it was open and it is full of little boxes. We opened one and it had a freight car of some sort in it but I have't checked it all out to see what is what yet. I'm not interested in sell it anyway. Besides, my luck it's the one model nobody collects. :lol:
I don't think there is a model they don't collect. LOL But you may want to find out the value to insure it?? What a wonderful Christmas gift.
That's totally cool. My brother had Lionel set and the engine puffed. It was totally cool.
Lammie":28379fr7 said:
That's totally cool. My brother had Lionel set and the engine puffed. It was totally cool.

I've still got a set with an engine like that. It's 40+ years old and still works.
Nice, Christmas in July. My grandparents just moved out of the farmhouse my grandfather lived in since he was 7-I got all kinds of cool stuff.

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