Late birthing heifer

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Aug 17, 2005
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We have a Santa Gertrudis heifer that has been with calf for a long while now. She looks like she is about to explode and her milk sack has been totally full. How much longer should it take to birth. She was breed approx. end of '04 or first of '05. Just wondering, thanks for any help.
Thanks for the help, we thought that she might be alright, but thought I would ask to make sure there wasn't anything I might be overlooking, thanks again for the advice.
Is there anything I need to look for if there is any problems?
Just as bloating or other complications.
Not sure how Gerts bag up prior to calving - but if she looks like she is "ready" - I would be concerned that she is getting ready to calve early to a set of twins. Just keep an eye on her. Not unusual for them to calve early with twins.

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