Larger Size Image of Fall Colours

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Mar 2, 2004
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Northeastern BC Canada
Here's a full size version of the image from the Fall Colours post. Thanks to all that enjoyed it and feel free to use it as a screen saver.

Take care.

Simply beautiful!! By the way, did you ever have your way with the bull elk you posted about a few weeks ago? If you've already posted about it I must have missed it.

Thanks for all the compliments. The credit's all due to the Big Guy upstairs though. Guess it's God's way of making up for those forty below days in the winter...gotta love it.

Unfortunately haven't had a decent chance at that elk yet. It's warmed up and he's taken his harem up across the river. Oh well, he'll be back for that alfalfa regrowth as soon as it cools down again. The season doesn't close till the end of October so lots of time to play with him yet.

Take care.

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