Large Animal Vets are gone

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i had a real good vet once .. he used to let me come back to do surgeries and things. taught me some good things. I wish I spent more time with him so I could of learned more.
The problem here in Coos county Oregon is there are no large animal vets. There is one vet in a small animal practice who sees large animals but only on Thursdays, plus a $350 far a farm call.

This morning I found a mobile vet out of the north end of the next county. Mobile vets out in the country see a lot of cattle and horses. I emailed her so I can set up a doctor/client/patient relationship.

Country vets -- I once took a sick chicken in to see one and he only charged $5.00 and and taught me how to take medical care of my pet hen. He sold his practice to become a vet inspector at a slaughter plant.
The urban vets all charge parrot rates$$$

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