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Does anybody know what can be done for a cow that has eaten this killer plant? I live in southwest Florida and am thinking of raising a small herd of miniatures and would like to know about this and a whole lot of other things in the future, Thanks Mike

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Browse the web for Poisonous Plants Livestock. Also, your state Dept of Agric probably has a site. Can also bring up the Texas A&M University, Okla State University, Kansas State Univeristy, Colorado State University animal Science sites. Several good sources out there.

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I may be mistaken but i believe only the green berries of the lantana are poisonous if eaten. the leaves are not. However, i dont know what can be done for the cow if she has ingested the unripe berries. I dont know if that helped at all or if you already knew that but i thougt i'd reply anyway.

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