Land Lease - Cattle - DFW area???

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Nov 6, 2008
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I'm sure this is posted somewhere but just need a quickie ballpark number. What could I expect to be paid on leasing 70 acres of decent pasture, with tanks, tanks only water, and no electric about an hour and a half Northeast of Dallas, TX. Total newbie here so all the detail you would care to share is welcomed. I'm sure there are a lot of ways to skin this cat but I am mainly looking at annual cashflow to put back toward the note on the land and keep and ag. exemption. Thanks in advance for your replies....
Have no idea about that area, but there are worlds of horses in that area. Could make a lot more money if you could get a horse person to lease the place.
Most in this area are paying around $30 an acre for a place that size. No telling what land leases for in that area. Fertilizer can cost an additional $70 plus per acre.
im in northeast texas as you should be able to lease that out for $1400 to $2100 a yr.wich is $20 to $30 an ac.
thanks everyone those were the numbers i was looking for.

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