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The cattle health business is a challenge everyday and there is always something to learn. I posted a message last week to our board vet, Vicki, concerning treatment options for a lame heifer that had just calved. I gave this animal one round of dexamethazone treatments 10cc (20 Mg) daily with some improvement. Discontinued use for about 4 days. Talked to another Texas vet who suggested another round of dex @ 15 cc daily for five days coupled with hydrotherapy. In common terms that involves running cold water over the swollen leg for 10-15 minutes with hopes of improving circulation and reduce swelling. Of course the animal has to be one that will cooperate. I tried this three times daily and by the end of the second day the animal is 75-80% better. Vet said the therapy might be more important than the medication. Just food for thought and in this case a bit of success. If one doesn't like a challenge, stay out of the cattle business. Thanks again Vicki.

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