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I have a cow that came up lame today. Her right rear leg seems to be troubling her. I first thought it was a snake bite, but upon closer examination it appeared to be her hip. It feels as though her hip sockets are in place, but her hip appears swollen and she seems to drag the leg a bit.

Any ideas?

Has she been with the bulls since you saw her last? That usually explains mine like that.
where are you located? could she have stepped in a hole? in georgia we occasionally have a cow walking on top of a gopher (tortoise) hole and it cave in and hurt the cows leg. Are you sure its in her hip? Could it be footrot?
Well, it sounds like you have the facilities to examine her. If you have not actually put your hands on her, throw her in the chute - run her up into the squeeze and do so.

Hip could actually be affected by a leg or foot problem. She may have been damaged by a cow riding her / vice versa during a heat. Doesn't always have to be a bull.

You do not metion size of animal as compared to others in herd - but even a light cow can damage a heavy cow in some instances.

Start at the bottom and work your way to the top. Feet, legs and so on. No obvious signs of rot, split feet, etc - then onto the legs and see what you can see.

In the end it is sometimes better to do nothing and let nature take its' course. Like Beefy suggested, it could simply be a sprain / strain.

If you find something obvious, doctor as required. If you find nothing and cow appears to be in discomfort, but not failing - eating and drinking well -then maybe I would wait for a day or two. If you find nothing and you are worried - call the veterinarian.

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