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M Gravlee

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Dec 20, 2003
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Perdido Key FL USA
Anybody know anything about Lafayette Roofing, Billy Savely - Owner out of Lafayette, LA?

I'm thinking about using them to re-roof my house.
Do you need the whole roof replaced, Macon, or can the original be repaired? Sounds like you had a pretty rough go there. Hang in there. Wish I could lend a hand, but short of mailing you some roofing nails, I guess the best I can do is send you my well wishes.

Take care Macon.
Oh, that sucks. Is that the worst of the damage that your property suffered, Macon, or is there more?
Can you at least get coverage from the insurance? I bet it's a real Gong Show down there right now to get your hands on an adjuster much less building contractors and roofers, eh?

Take care.
Got to replace sheetrock and carpet in a couple of rooms, pier, boathouse and boat totaled. And you are right about contractors and adjustors. :(
20' 1976 SeaCraft with a 175 Evinrude outboard. Beautifully restored classic. Now all you can see is 3' of the bow sticking up in 12' of salt water. The motor is buried in the mud. Total loss.
Macon, was this guy (or company) around before the storms hit? Here in Tx, it seems every time a tornado or a big hail storm hits, we get these fly by night crooks from out of state who load up their trucks and come into town with business cards and claim to be repair companies. They do a shabby job, cheaply and quickly, then they are gone never to be found again! I would see if they had a yellow pages ad before the storms came in, at least that would tell you they are'nt some start up guy trying to capitalize from this storm! It seems roofers and paintless dent repair guys are the biggest scammers!!

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