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talldog":21wgnad2 said:
What are you paying for unskilled labor ?? I'm talking Day labor !!
i dont pay that sum bit$# nothing,, but it is hard too look him in the eyes every night at the sink.
For cattle work 100 a day plus 75 for a horse. For teenagers picking up limbs cutting brushetc 8 dollars an hour. If I dont have to supervise every detail I will pay 10 an hour.
Get used to that Brute. Your heart is to valuable and you'll find out more about that as you age. With inflation in a couple of years, it is going to be $25. There's nothing that can be done about any of it. Take care of your heart.
When I can find a "day worker" I'll pay $8. an hour for generic work, no power tools, just simple work. If a person can use basic tools, figure out how to do a basic job with only general instructions, $10. an hour.

For a "skilled" day worker who can use power tools, anticipate, take care of tools, safety conscious, put stuff back when finished, then $12. an hour.

I pay my "moonlighting" skilled man $17.50 an hour who can install and repair water lines, sprinklers, do carpentry (wood or metal), has most of own tools, and can do a job with general instructions.

My part-time, occasional, very skilled worker who can weld, run tractor or trencher, install sprinkler lines, do emergency cattle work, etc., $20. an hour.

When I have a turnkey "job" that someone can do, using their own tools, I tell them how much I'll pay for the complete job. If they agree, they do it.

I might add that only rarely do I need someone to do work. Usually only a few hours or 3 or 4 days a year. All of our major work, such as fence building, building construction, etc., is handled by outside contractors.
I'm kind of lucky in that I work at a plant and manage a production department with a good amount of people. I know what they all make (well below $8), and will get my better employees to help on the weekends. This Sunday we'll round up and sort out calves, and I have 2 guys already lined up. $8 cash/hour is pretty attractive to the guys with families around here that are "unskilled". I also treat them nice (have an ice full of gatorade and give them lunch) to encourage them to come back.
We live in an upscale farming community. [Upscale, meaning nice homes,barns and fences] well kept properties. I can't find anyone that wants to work. The workers that we have used do very shoddy work and we usually have to re-do it. I just decided to slow down and do what we can by ourselves. Saves money but takes forever for me to get many things completed. Getting old is hell but beats the alternative.

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