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Ky cowboy

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Apr 30, 2015
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Western kentucky
I'm trying to find my son a good pair of laceup work boots. Hes been wearing high quality slip ons and keeps rolling the side of the boot down. This is the 2nd pair hes done this to. Hes 9 but works with me everyday and is as hard on shoes as an adult. I looked at Georgia boots but some bad reviews made me nervous on dropping a $100 on them. Thanks for any help
I have owned several pairs of Georgia boots and they have done well. Carolina boots are even better IMO. Double H are well made and I like that they are made in the USA but I have to be honest they aren't comfortable to me. Something about how the shaft ties in at the ankle just tears my feet up.
My Arioat boots were made in Vietnam, some are made in USA China Italy and Mexico. It says on the inside of each boot where they are made
Don't know his size, but these will last. Every time a pair pops up my size decently priced I get them. I wear 14EE and so far I have three pair. I wore one pair out which took two years of a lot of abuse.


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