Kerry Feels Your Pain

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Jun 3, 2004
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East Texas
This esso bee knows what its like out in the real world, for sure. Talk about a kept man. No wonder he feels like he doesn't have to show up for his current job. I've been waiting on Oreo to let us know about this since the Times is one of his trusted sources. Guess he hasn't got through with the funny papers yet.

Sunday, June 27, 2004
Associated Press

LOS ANGELES — Teresa Heinz Kerry controls a family fortune valued at nearly $1 billion, the Los Angeles Times reported Sunday.

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry is widely reported to have assets of $500 million, but her fortune has doubled that amount since 1995 despite large living expenses and charitable contributions, the Times said, citing Securities and Exchange Commission filings, financial disclosure reports and other public records.

A precise valuation of Heinz Kerry's net worth was difficult because key details about her investments are not contained in the public record. The newspaper said its estimates ranged from $900 million to $3.2 billion but cited financial experts as saying $1 billion was a "fair and conservative" valuation.

Heinz Kerry declined requests for comment while representatives for the couple said they regard their finances as private, the Times said.

Her portfolio of U.S. and foreign investments is so broad it may raise concerns about conflicts of interest since Kerry's decisions as president would likely affect her assets, the Times reported.

The couple would be the wealthiest to ever occupy the White House. (Italics added by Texan)
The last Democrap took the moral high road why shouldn't they have a gigolo to run this time. First wife only had 300 million dumped her for Heinz.