Kenco Family Matters Sale

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Dad and Uncle was needing some replacement cows. So I went with my Uncle and did the bidding on a few breds and thought I did well for them. Ended up getting 2, 1 from Clover Valley Simmentals out of Indiana and 1 from TylerTown Simmental from TN. A CVLS Full Throttle x Dream On bred to have a Cowboy Cut. The 2nd one is a Cowboy Cut x Mo Magic bred to a WLE Big Deal son. $1500 and $1300. I'll try and find time to post some pics sometimes. Real nice heifers, really like the Full Throttle.
I wanted to go to that sale since it`s so close but my wife had already made other plans so I went with that. Did you happen to see what lots 49, 60 and 61 brought ? I figured the bottom end of the breds would be in the $1200 range or so sounds like I was close.