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Talk to employees of smaller kill plants in the northern US that may lose their jobs because they depend on killing Canadian cattle. Talk to the small feedlot operators in that region that depend on Canadian cattle to feed. Talk to the US producers who will have to haul their cattle more miles to feed and get killed when those small plants go out of business because they can't get Canadian cattle. The borders should be opened when it's safe to do so, not sooner, but they should be opened.

> killer cow and bull prices have
> risen $5 to $10 cwt throughout the
> country. bring on COOL, good luck
> Canucks, YOU BETCHA AYE!!!!!!
Thanks for the credible response Frankie. For those who think this trade is a one way street, I have one question.

Do you think that the trucks hauling beef, cattle hogs or whatever to the U.S. come back north empty?

Trade is most definitley a two way street no matter what country you deal with.
The amount of beef that can be imported into the US is regulated by a quota system. If it doesn't come from Canada, Argentina or Australia will pick up the slack. Its embarrassing to see Americans kicking a good neighbor when things get tough. The shoe will be on the other foot sometime soon. The whining will be embarrassing too.

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Watching the price of fat cattle during this BSE investigation has proved supply and demand control the price of cattle.

While Canada had trucks full of beef that had been destined for the States, prices held at the same level for fats in the States.

After those trucks were empty, and the packers here weren't killing for about a week, Canada started buying US beef to supply stores running short on beef. This resulted in about an 8- 10 cent boost to the US fat price.

As soon as the Canadian packers started killing enough to meet domestic consumption, the US price for fats fell back to the mid 70 cent level.

Closing the border has had no real effect on US prices, the extra demand did.

Frankie's comments about losing Northwest packers and the resulting hurt it will cause American producers is bang on.

Jason Trowbridge Southern Angus Farms Alberta Canada

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I live in cattle country and the nearest kill plant is 350 miles away so don't give me that crap. Northern feeders can find plenty of U.S. cattle to fill their feed yards. Short sighted it will have a neg impact for some and and pos for others, but in the long run Canada will be the ones hurting the most. Ones misfortune is anothers fortune.

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