Just some more cows- but red this time

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Nov 24, 2006
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Cows faring well in the cold weather(-14F at 2:00 when I took the pictures), these are due to calve in about 4 weeks.
im usually jealous of you folks in that beautiful country out west and north west.. some pictures look like paintings...... but after the threads and post on here today..the song "'sweet home alabama" take on a whole new meaning..... ;-)
That's a great set of cows you have there.. What bull did you use on them this year? A.I. service or do you use natural service?
we actually just bought this group of 33 from Kimm Red Angus. They are bred to Feddes Cummins R95 and C-T Smokey 0768. Kimms helped us get into the registered business several years ago and decided to sell off the last of their herd. I'm so spoiled from dealing with them that I will never buy cows through the sale ring again. I just wish they were bred to start about Feb 10th so they would calve with our other cows.
66F and raining in Virginia today. Giving it to stay warm all week but it is snowing about 50 miles west in KY. Sure is muddy but don't have to worry about calves freezing. Which is worse mud or snow?
Wowww :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

It's increadible how they can survive there !!! amazing picture, never saw something similar before, we don't have snow down here.

Good looking cows !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe these 33 head you could A.I. there first heat. Any you missed would still fall into the rest of the herds calving season. What part of Montana are you in? I recently moved around Whitehall area.
kenny thomas":28da5u82 said:
66F and raining in Virginia today. Giving it to stay warm all week but it is snowing about 50 miles west in KY. Sure is muddy but don't have to worry about calves freezing. Which is worse mud or snow?

We didn't see the 66 or the rain today, but we've sure got the mud left over from last week. I'm thinking of welding a log chain to the chassis on my truck, getting tired of crawling under there to hook it up. I'm beginning to think it's time to dig the mud tires out of the barn for the winter...

As far as snow or mud, I'll take either in moderation. A couple inches of snow up to a foot is kind of cool, after a foot or two it's just a pain in the ass.
TB-Herefords these will join the rest of our commercial cows and probably be bred to a Simmental bull AI this spring. We time breed all our cows reg and commercial for Feb 10 and let the bulls in for 45 days after that. I'm outside Dillon MT, we had a pen at the Whitehall Breeders Show on Dec 6th if you happen to pass through you might have seen us.
In the teens here, with windchills around 0. Ice on the ground, but mostly on the road. Cows still have some ice on their backs from last night.

Nice set of cows.
Didn't make it down to the Breeders Show. Heard about it but didn't really get a date on it. I'm actually in the waterloo area. Just curious; why are you breedin them to a Simmental Bull. Wouldn't it be better off w/ red angus gentic on those registered cows. And just to put it out there you don't know anyone that has pasture for lease do ya.
We use Red Angus on the registered cows, trying somthing new with the commercial herd to see if we can get a few more lbs at weaning. These in the picture were registered but are now commercial cows. Pasture is pretty tight on this side, there is usually some in the Big Hole area but it's kinda swampy in a lot of areas.
those pics are so pretty!! i wish my calves would come up to the barn covered in snow... instead of black mud. :lol2:
-14 and calving in 4 weeks? :eek: It's 40 and I don't want to calve in 4 weeks. That just goes to show I don't belong anywhere but in the south.
Nice pictures. Ours looked similar yesterday in -7F with a 25mph wind, eating their heads off and not minding the cold.

I'll take snow over mud. You can still shove 3 feet of snow aside, doesn't work so well with mud. I don't know what I would do in the winter without my poor-man's concrete.

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