Just saw a report of atleast 10 cows shot.

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Ky hills

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Feb 4, 2016
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Clark County, KY
Was looking at WLEX news website, and came across an article saying that at least 10 cows had been shot in Pike County. KY.
Said that suspects had been identified and charges pending.
Bright Raven":1jhrxkbf said:
I don't understand that kind of behavior.
I don't either, it is just a senseless act, that causes someone emotional stress and financial loss.
When I was just a kid. I mean like literally 9 or 10 years old, I had a cow shot and killed during deer season. I probably only had 2 cows at that point, and they were running with my dads. Hard to understand at any age, but it just blew my mind as a kid.
greybeard":2bi5y9tt said:

It does seem like a lot of crazy things happen, I guess it does in other places too though. I had forgotten about that incident, but remember hearing about it at the time. I don't know about that situation, but seems most of the crazy crap that happens is drug or alcohol related, probably more drug related.
kenny thomas":18hiq3fe said:
I didn't think there was 10 cows in Pike Co, KY.

Probably not a lot of cattle in Pike County in comparison to other areas in the state, but there are a few stockyards throughout east KY. I know there are still markets in Wolfe, Johnson, and Laurel counties. Not sure if the ones in Lawrence, and Boyd counties are still going.
I have heard of several cases of this occurring in northern Nevada this summer. One was a roping steer who was nearly in the backyard of the owner. All unsolved at this time.
kenny thomas":vwj1uo1m said:
Lee City stockyard is pretty close if it is still operating. London still has 2 stockyards.

Yes, Lee City is still operating, I usually go there a couple times a year. They have a regional heifer sale there, that is through UK and Morehead State University. The sale is unique in that all of the heifers are taken to a farm in Perry County in I believe October, and developed and bred there all under the same management until the sale time the next year. The farm as I understand it is on a reclaimed strip mine.
I thought that London had 2 stockyards, but have only been to 1 of them in fairly recent years, and was unsure if both still were in operation. One of the London markets has a large weekly goat sale. Lee City usually has a lot of goats, and hogs too.
There is also a new processing plant close to the Lee City yards as well, we took a beef there last fall.