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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida

This is a photo of our Sinclair Queen Mother 6R109 donor cow. We purchased her last year along with a natural service calf at side as well as two flush daughters out of XXP. I was looking through the Sinclair catalog tonight and see where they have a daughter of this cow selling as well as a granddaughter out of a flush sister to the XXP daughters we have. This is a really nice cow family, Look forward to seeing how these genetics are received at the sale.

This is 4X7 which would be a full sister to the dam of lot 162 at Sinclair.


She is 11. Her Dam was still in production at 15. We plan to calve her out this year then flush her a few more times. True Grit saw her when they visited in January his comment was wide load lol. She is a massive cow, not in frame but in width and depth?


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