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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida

Second time we have used the new pens, first time all I did was paperwork second time I actually moved the bulls through the pens. After actually using them have to say I love the set up. One person can work them through and be safe doing it.

The boss was in charge of SC measurement and applying freeze brands.

The Gilmore Girls were in charge of quality control.

Gabby helped me move the bulls, but she didn't want to give up her new toy, it's hard to get good

After we finished working bulls we headed over to check calves, drove up on this group, excited to see some turkeys the skunks have put a dent in the farm turkey population.

Thanks we're well pleased with them as a group. We culled one that made the cut at weaning but didn't get it done for yearling. He had an injury we had hoped he would overcome the set back but he didn't, but I bet he is going to be very tasty.


This vide was taken Wednesday we cried uncle and finished on Saturday the heat was brutal.
A good cattle handling system sure makes the work a lot more fun. Nice group of bulls. Im curious what are there sires and which is your favourite?
I will have to say my favorite is a SAV Reign sired calf, just complete deep lots of muscle very correct structurally. Several Resource sons are looking really good, I am impressed with one of the SAV Abundance like the Reign calf just doing alit right. Another calf that keeps catching my eye is a Bruin Torque calf just really nice calf. Dang every time I go through them another one catches my eye. But as of working them last week the Reign is my current favorite

Okay good to hear. I went heavy on resource this year. Can't wait to see his calves. You use a lot of bulls that interest me so it is nice to hear updates and thoughts on them thanks. Sometime you'll have to post more pictures of bulls for us.

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