July 29th 1959 with pics.

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Oct 31, 2006
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Alberta, Canada
Today is officially mom and dads 50th wedding anniversary and I thought I would share a few pics of the big event on Sat. It went really well despite being +34 on the big day and me in the kitchen most of the time. My sis, cousin and myself thought we were going to die so the boys put a huge block of ice in front of a fan for us and it helped a bit. I made hubby drain the 2 huge pots of boiling potatoes for mashed potatoes because the steam would have killed me for sure. But it was great time by all, so enjoy the pics . I was either in the kitchen or behind the camera so none of me on the big day and to think of all the time I took to do my hair and make up.. :lol2:
My 13 yr old niece also started the banquet out by singing " The Climb" by Miley Cyrus, she was amazing . I won't post any pics of her though.

The hall Friday night after we set up tables and decorated (I had to take charge as it was complete chaos and we were getting no where, but all was forgiven Monday afternoon. :) )

The cake used for the "cutting of the cake" it is the pic of my parents that was used on the invitations.

The hall full of guests and the celebration has begun.

My sister giving a toast on behalf of the immediate family.

Mom and dad sharing a laugh about how they met. (It started with her and her best friend heading to the lake with a couple cases of beer and dad has been drinking her beer ever since :lol: .)

The cutting of the cake and the spoons were tapping the glasses so the impending traditional kiss.
Mom said " but he's all sweaty" :lol2:

We all laughed and a few other comments were made as well ;-) but they fulfilled their obligations.


Hubby took a few pics on Sunday as we put on a lunch for anyone that stayed over at the hall in their RV's or in town in hotels. So me in my familiar place all weekend working.

All went well, alot of work but my parents and all their guests had a great time. So it was definitely worth it. :D
Wow, that's cool! Looks like everybody is having a good time. Looks like your mom and dad are still in good health, that's great. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks everyone, I am truly grateful that my parents are still alive and together in a loving relationship, I am blessed with what I have and how I was raised and thank God every day for it. As hubby and I reach 15 years next month I can only hope that we grow together and stay healthy to achieve the 50 year goal.

I talked to my mom today like I do everyday usually 2 or 3 times a day, but she said that she has gotten so many phone calls from her dear friends and family about how welcoming the whole event was and that it was so relaxed and everyone was just down to earth . They all had a really really great time . That was the goal ,I wanted everyone to feel welcome and at home,,,,,,I guess it worked out..

I am so glad that no one felt out of place or insignificant as every guest was very special to us and mom and dad..

The family on dads side (which is mainly in Alberta) was so impressed with the hall that I had to reserve it for them for next years family reunion. If I volunteer for kitchen duty then I am bring an air conditioner. ;-)
Yall have short sleeves in Canada? :shock:

Congrats to your Mom and Dad, they look like fun people.
Well done for giving them a great day. and Congratulations to your Mum and Dad for their anniversary.
just wish my Parents lived to see their 50th. Mum died 4 months before the event.
Congratulations to them on their 50th, what a special thing in this day and age especially. And, congrat's to you that it went off so well, everybody in the pics looked like they were having a very good time. Bless you for doing it for them!!

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