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Feb 18, 2009
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Hi. I get the Hereford World magazine. I am in another country and i'm interested to find this out. In the show results, there is aways the animals EPDs along with the photo of the Champions and reserve champions. My question is, does the judge read all the entered animals EPDs before / during the class and does he/she take them into concideration at all when placing, even if it is not the only deciding factor?
For example, would a judge place a great beast with a low value for YW before a slightly less great beast with a fantastic value for YW? Or if a judge had two very alike animals he/she had difficulty in finding how to place them, and one had a light BW and the other a heavy BW, could this be the deciding factor in the placeing?

Thanks for your help?
No, they are supposed to be judging the animal as it appears in the arena during the show. Not his ancestry, ownership or EPDs.
Some judges in Denver will carry a sheet with the animals EPDs and take them into consideration. The judge won't disqualify a great looking animal with less than ideal EPDs or move a poor looking animal with "ideal" numbers to the front, but he will move animals up or down a position or two based on their numbers. He is primarily looking at phenotype, but also what is right to move the breed forward.
At the big shows, they have a list of the animals EPD, but not the owners name and judge accordingly
Most shows (in Georgia) do not use EPDs. However, at some they do. I have been to some Simmental shows where EPDs were used.