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Oct 22, 2008
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Marianna Arkansas (East Central)
Johns sister posted on another board, it was the only one she he had open on her computer and she wanted to update us.

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Hi all, Just an update on my brother John. He is in a nursing home in Rapid City. Spent 9 months at my house. Has recovered from his pacemaker surgery but now has liver disease also. Just not able to take care at home anymore.

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Hi all,
I took the laptop up the other day hoping he would want to use it but doesn't have the energy anymore. The liver disease is causing a lot of shakiness in his hands and legs. I even thought he might dictate me something to write but no go. He is in Black Hills Care and Rehab Center 1620 North 7th St. Rapid City SD 57702. Thank you for all the greetings I will share with him and am sure he would appreciate old fashioned communication too. Basically he has multi organ failure and at one point in March we were considering hospice and 6 months was thrown out there. But he as improved some at the facility but not still not a good prognosis. Heart, lung, liver and kidneys all damaged. Guess all the heart meds caused liver cirrhosis. He is a great guy. Glad we have had this time together this year.
Lucille O'Grady (sister)
Sorry to hear this, I got the impression he was a really good guy also. A John Deere man if I remember correctly. I wish him the best.
Oh dear! This indeed, distressing news. :( I had wondered why I hadn't seen any posts from him lately. I remember he mentioned about the pacemaker surgery.

Sending out prayers for his comfort, and strength for him and his family.

Thanks Jed, for the update.
Seen that this morning on NAT. Very sad. :( John was always one of my favorite regulars here, always so supportive. I had hoped to make a trip out to see him someday. Anybody remember his last name? My inbox has deleted older PM's so I can't even go back and check and memory isn't that good. Want to send him a card at the nursing home.

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