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We're starting to see breakage on all 4 hooves now. I've been applying hoof conditioner every other day and it is working to soften the hooves. Now when they split, they do so in a manner that is not painful to her. There is over an inch of excess wall on all toes that haven't broken yet -- poor girl looks like she's never had any attention given to her feet.

She won't let me use a nippers or a rasp on them yet, but she's getting much better at having her feet handled -- she no longer aims a kick at my head! She just dances a bit as her feet are washed and the hoof dressing is applied. At the rate she's going, another week or so, and I should be able to really give those hooves a good working over.

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I had a cow the other day that had a cracked hoof and it was bleeding. I gave her a shot of penicillin and moved her into a field that has access to water. In the summer, their feet dry out. Having access to water they can get into will help.

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