JD M Series and E Series

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You can or a post driver.
You can actually do all the above without third function. It's just a bit awkward. And you need hoses long enough to reach the rear remotes.
I've got the grapple on my 5100 now and we use it on a 5085 as well. Seems about right. I think they quoted me around 2000.00 to add it to the 85. Getting close to trading that tractor so I passed.
He mentioned that as an option. When we shred roads and fence lines for hunting season I run the grapple at the same time now. It's a good time to clean up fallen limbs, trees, etc. Plus, it is faster with the two buttons on the stick than reaching for the levers.
Little added opinion on the E series,, on another post, I had asks for input on the Case IH Farmall 100C I just purchased. I got no response. But, I'm good friends with my John Deere salesman he had me look at the 5100E and 5100M before this purchase. In my opinion the 5100E wasn't comparable with the Case IH but the 5100M was, along with a bigger price tag. All the farmers I know around who are JD people even told me to steer clear of the E. I didn't really ask why or if I did I forgot what they said. FYI, I traded my 75 hp New Holland on this 100C, it was the first of many tractors I've owned that wasn't green, I,ve got 4 restored 2 lungers in my shop. B&G
In the process of buying 85c. Are you still liking your 100c?

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