JD 4020 diesel compression test

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Jan 5, 2010
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Austin Texas
Does anybody know specifically what adapter I might need to check the compression on a 69 4020 diesel? I have a diesel compression guage but I need to drive 100 miles to pre purchase this machine so I kind of need to have what I need when I get there. Thanks in advance.
Sorry, I cannot help you with that,but we had a 4020 in the seventies and it is the best jd evermade IMHO.
baleflipper":2a0xt1yk said:
I dont know about factory adapters,I use an old injector I gutted and put a 1/8" pipe coupling on to let me put on a gauge. Im not far from you.I worked in austin 43 yrs.
Yea that works too! But I do not have a JD 4020 injector laying around..;) What did you do in Austin for 43 years? Where are you now? Thanks for your reply.

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