JC Martin saddles

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Mar 21, 2016
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Northern CA
Has anyone here had any experiences with jc martin saddle co out of Greenville, TX? Im in the market for another good using saddle, I've seen pictures of a couple made by jc martin that looked pretty nice, but haven't seen any in person. I was hoping someone here would have some input about them either good or bad.
Thank you.
I have never been around a JC martin saddle, but saw this thread and did a little research. Looks like they got a bit of a bad reputation for importing some english saddles out of India, but have discontinued that since 2011. Reading about their process and the material they use, they seem to be using quality materials in their trees and the leathers seems more than adequate. I don't know the price of them or how they fit a horse though. Depending on the price I would go with a saddle maker with a bit more of a reputation if the prices are comparable. That's just my two cents though.

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