Itty Bitty Calves

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Are you talking about Black cattle? There have been some long headed dwarfs in this area this year.
I believe around 10 calves/dna samples have been sent to Dr. Beever, in addition the sire of some of these 'itty bitty' calves is being flushed back to a cow that has produced these calves in a previous mating.
Yea, i have heard that is has been In Focus causing these, has anyone else heard this?
I'm not saying there is another defect popping up, there is several more to be dealt with, fwiw I think the itty bitty calves are a form of dwarfism and that I believe with a little pedigree analysis there will be a common ancestor for itty bitty and snorter, if not the long heads too.

I haven't named any names, nor will I, but there is another distinct line that will be implicated in the itty bitty's providing it is determined to be genetic (and the sire to carrier flush should demonstrate that) but again the other line will share a common ancestor.

Also, I believe that between Dr. Beever and the AAA there is a far more proactive and aggressive (in a good way) attitude to dealing with genetic defects, testing will offer some avenues of redemption for affected lines but some may be heavily discriminated against regardless of tests as there will be issues of trust concerning some of the propagators.
I have seen these calves in 2 commercial herds ....I believe these calves are long headed dwarfs....having talked with some of the researcher and educator cattle people that this is not such an uncommon thing and is not at all of them suggested that it may concentrate itself with the selection of smaller frame and body types....I am wondering how many others were born this year....the one herd had some of the other genetic problems also....

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