It's so hot

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Jan 21, 2006
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My little patch of earth, Perth, WA, Australia
The trees are whistling to the dogs and all that crap.

This is the third week we have hit 46 C (114.8 F) every day and I am sick of it. Okay, I get the point, its summer. Will you go away now? Forecaster said this morning its not going to ease up till next week monday. I'm hoping it will cool down for our local show on the 14th.

Got out of bed this morning and I can smell bushfire :frowns:

It had been a really good summer till now

We are losing old and young stock because of the extreme heat, the feedlot wethers are losing weight cos they wont eat, lost a calf yesterday because the ants chewed his eyes out (trying to get to moisture). On the news they say the ambulance and hospitals are busier than ever because of the heat, people getting dehydrated and heat stroke.
Sucks to be you. It has been 60 degrees here the last couple days.
Quit ya whinging Keren!!! :p

Haha, nah, I agree with you, this weather is ridiculous. Especially for February.

Found out last night that the other day on one of thse 48 degree days in Adelaide, my horses got locked out of the water :eek: Lucky they were okay- needless to say though, I wasn't terribly impressed.
That's pretty hot. What kind of ants do ya'll have that eat eyes and such. Are they like fire ants?
Jogee, these were just the normal tiny little black ants that dont normally cause a problem, but they were looking for moisture, only moisture about was in this calf's eyes ...

Some places do have meat ants and they can make a helluva mess. I have a friend with a meat ant problem and she gets lambs and kids eaten alive by the mongrels.

Stock dont even get up to go to the water trough when its this hot, which is not helping them.

I cant wait for winter, I love winter
Keren, if you can figure out a way to send me 40 degrees of hot, I'll send you 40 degrees of cold, because I'm sick of cold .


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