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Apr 19, 2007
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Gulf Coast of South Texas
Deer Season 😄


We went south for the dove opener. Ended up with a few limits of birds, a couple pigs, one rattle snake, and scouted some deer.

We had a little over 2" of rain Friday night and there was actually a north wind blowing Sunday morning. It was definitely starting to feel like hunting season. I always enjoy this time with friends and family.
My son works for VDOT.... today he personally was picking up dead deer killed on the road since Friday... He had 5 in the truck... said normally they get 5 a week... the deer are starting to move... have seen several bucks out and about recently. Have not seen too many nice racks this fall yet... too many deer.... we need to cut the doe population some...

Nice pic @Brute 23 ....
Our deer season is just 17 days away. Season is only 12 days long. But I didn't draw a tag this year so it doesn't really matter. Just a couple weeks of more traffic on the road and keeping an eye out for people trying to go places they are supposed to go. But on October 18 my cow elk season starts. I have until the end of the year to shoot a cow elk.
Would love for you to come to VA and we could make sure you went home with all the venison you wanted.... they are thicker than thick this year again....
I chased... yes CHASED a doe and twin fawns out of the yard on Sunday afternoon... just browsing along like they owned the place... 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
I got my tags. Bought a new Savage 220. Can Not, I mean can NOT find slugs to sight it in.
I guess the old 870 may have to get sighted in again.
Would love for you to come to VA and we could make sure you went home with all the venison you wanted.... they are thicker than thick this year again....
I chased... yes CHASED a doe and twin fawns out of the yard on Sunday afternoon... just browsing along like they owned the place... 😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬
We have Virginia boys hunting deer in my neighborhood, sounds like they're wasting a drive.

Good fellers, they camp out in my aunts garage. She has a bathroom and kitchen, they bring air mattresses. I don't hardly see them shoot anything, they're headhunters.
Tested a dairy the other day. They are having so much trouble with the black bears tearing the corn fields up... supposedly there isn't much in the woods for them to eat... Have damage permits for 10 bear... a couple of guys got 2 the other week and were field dressing them and out walks 3 MORE into the field... game warden guy said for no one to go alone out to the couple of fields out there as safety precautions... just wow....
There is a sow with twin cubs and another single... presumably a male I have seen this summer in the sorghum-sudan field right across from my house.... the sow and cubs one evening, and the single about 2 weeks later at 3 in the afternoon like it was no big deal just strolling up through the field...
Noticed the same thing. Is that on account of drought?
I will answer part of that.
White oak and others in white oak family only produce good every 2 years. Last year was a good year here. In the good year drought can still effect them as can a late frost. Plus normally white oak are the first to drop acorns.
Red oak and family produce every year but are not as preferred by wildlife.
Bear love hickory nuts also and there is a fair crop of those here.
But think about this, would you rather eat a soft, sweet, high energy ear of corn or chew on hard hickory nuts.
@dave_shelby , I guess for what @kenny thomas stated... few acorns and the drought combined with not alot of berries and other edibles in the woods. The blackberry crop here was very small and so were the wild raspberries and the wineberries... I do see a lot of wild cherry berries now, but I am not sure how edible they are, and the mulberries were plentiful earlier... but even the black walnuts seem to be fewer this fall.
We have been fortunate in that we have had just enough rain to have plenty of hay although the pastures had gotten dry, we are down a bit in cow numbers so rotational grazing has been good.
We have had alot of bear damage to big rolls of hay. Had 3 in a field all torn up, rolled all over the place... son picked up what he could with the bale truck and put them out in the fields for the cows to pick at.... had another in one of the few fields left in the subdividion, right there amongst all the houses, that they rolled around and tore it up.
I guess it is good we didn't plant any corn this year. Have not fed out of the bunk we filled last year since the price was so high on calves this spring we did not keep any, of the weaned ones.

Have got a big bunch recently weaned off the cows that are now starting to calve, that he is going to keep to feed for a bit I guess... We turned them out with the cows this spring because we had fewer spring calving we put the calves back out with the pregnant cows for a couple of months, instead of weaning sooner, and just brought them home and weaned them off and the cows moved to the 2 fields we calve them in here... the weaning was much easier since they were a little older and only had 1 that got out and went back to the cow and we got it out easily. Cows were ready to be done with those calves... got a break and a couple have started calving now... most will be coming in Oct. Needed to use the grass... and from a bull that was bad a couple years ago, lost several months and wound up with twice the number of fall calvers than spring ones. Some have backed up to June and July, this year so hope that more will back up another month... but we also wound up culling some and have just not replaced them. We spayed and sold a group of heifers that would have been put out with a bull this spring too, so had 20 less head to graze this spring.
Attrition with age and a few more non-breeders, has cut our numbers to less than 120 brood cows...not keeping those 20 or so breeding age heifers, so we have plenty of grass although the fall grass is dry and not as nutritious now. So, we are fortunate in having enough grass to take care of things. In fact, we are contemplating putting out some of these early fall calvers at one place for a couple months.... can move 15 or so there since we brought home a group to wean the calves, 2 weeks ago. They aren't due until later Oct... but this group of earlier calving ones could go out there for a couple months... we brought them home in mid Aug and most had dried themselves up already, so thankfully they got a good 45+ days off before just now starting to calve again. Have had 11 in the last week.

But the bear situation is concerning... and we will allow any on the farm to be shot..... I would like a bear skin rug.....always wanted one.... might be the year....need to cut the deer numbers down though.... if the winter is bad they will wind up starving or in the hay feeders with the cows...
Bear numbers in this part of Va are up much higher than when I was young. Deer numbers have come back from the beating they took in two back to back winters in 09 and 2010. Turkeys have gained around here.
One thing that has seemingly slowed is coyotes and I'm not complaining a bit. We don't hear them as much or as often, seeing more groundhogs and seeing more fawns.
All this makes you wonder how the populations will do with the lower acorn crop.
Had an axis buck show up at my ranch in Coleman county.
Got some pretty good whitetail too.
These pictures are from over a month ago


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