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Apr 28, 2004
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southeastern Indiana
True story. We were at our county fair a few weeks ago. It was the evening following our beef show and I looked at my girls (ages 14 and 13) with some dismay. We'd had lots of friends stop by to say hello and there my girls sat, sprawled in their chairs, playing their umpteenth game of cards with 10 of their best cattle buddies. Their clothes were dirty, covered with jet black, adhesive and cow hair. Their hair was damp and scraggly from a recent water fight at the wash rack. Shoes were caked with hay and poop and one even had a large smear of manure on her calf. Embarrassed by their appearence, I shook my head.

Not two moments later, one of their schoolmates stopped to say hello. She had belly-buttom ring and shorts so short that ...well I'll leave that to your imagination. Her make-up looked like it might have been applied with a trowel and rivaled Tammy Faye's. She strolled up with her boyfriend, their hands in each others back pockets.

I smiled to myself and thought, "a little manure is not so bad."
good story Carrie. if only all kids could be country kids we might be a little better off.
That one of the reason we spend so much time in the show barn. Good friends, good cattle, and great kids! It may be expensive but so is drug rehab.

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