It won't look so bad by the light of day....

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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
One of the neighbors came walking up to the porch last night from a different property around midnight and said he was "stuck' and might need me to come pull him out in the morning.

It looked worse in daylight..

I got him out with the backhoe tho. I think there may have been some adult beverages involved in him getting off in that pond...
Haha I guess he was "hung up" just a tad. Did he forget he had a skiddy on and not John boat!
While I can't say beverages weren't involved, if he was backing up at night, he may not have been able to see squat... There's a reason I put reverse lights on my trailer!

At least they had the skidsteer strapped down good!
He chained it down even more before we began extracting the truck/trailer from it's wet resting spot.

I have driven that same crossing many many times, and yes, it looks completely different at night. But too, I've been out in my pastures at night and had to stop and ask myself "Where the heck am I at?" and my place ain't very big.

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