Is this a prolapse

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After looking in more detail she still looks swelled. So more pre calving.

I like to hear what the experts have to say. I would like to learn as well.
Not a prolapse. Just the tail of the placenta, which, if it still hanging out of her after this length of time, indicates a retained placenta and watch to make sure she doesn't get sick.
Angus86":1autxdpv said:
This cow just calved last night.

Is this a prolapse?

Not a prolapse. Expelling the afterbirth in the case looks like part of the placenta.
The discharge looks like some retained placenta. The other area appears to be a swollen vulva from caving. Uterine prolapses tend to be farther out and have red "buttons" from where the placenta was attached. Also have a more "wet" appearance if they are fresh.
You've got your answer, but when she springs, man she really springs. That thing knarly looking.

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