Is there a quick way to treat ringworm

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I own a few show animals my december broke out with ringworm we are looking for a very quick way to get it cleared up.Today 5 more broke out.What is tingavedt dose it work for ringworm?How can I get it?

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> Well I hate to tell ya but there is no QUICK way to get rid of ringworm. If you do not treat it it will just keep spreading through the herd and maybe to you! You can get it so be careful when treating. As usual everyone has different ways for treatment here are a few of mine... First one: Fungus Fighter from Sullivans supply. It is costly but seems to work very well! We normally apply it once a day. Scrub the scally stuff off with a stiff scrub brush till it begins to bleed and then aply it. Soak it really well. If the ringworm is on the face u can put it on a cotton ball and apply it so you don't get it in the animals eyes or nose. Second...Scrub like above spray with a 25% bleach solution (ok on colored animals too! won't bleach hair!) Then apply Tinactin or a generic form. This is used by us humans on athletes foot. We use the cream on the face so it won't run and the spray on the body or on touchy kicking cattle. Third... Scrub like above and then spray with Fluid Film. Purchase this from your local tractor dealer (its made by John Deere). This is also great for worts (just don't scrub). Best of Luck to ya but get on it fast!! It will continue to spread. It takes at least a week of everyday treatment to start seeing hair growing back. When the hair starts growing back the ringworm is dead. You can also give them a dose of Ivomec wormer (injectable or pour on) this will help spead it up even though the ringworm is a fungus and not a parasite. I normally where rubber gloves when treating. Good luck to ya & feel free to email me if you need assistance. Vickie Seybold Paw's Ranch Club Calves

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Our vet recommended used motor oil. A couple of applications and the ringworm was clearing up.
We had read on previous message threads on this board and one thread said Crest toothpaste. We tried it and within 2 applications it started to clean up. It is also safer around the eyes. On the body we also used a full strength Betadine spray. Hope this helps for you.

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I use iodine on rabbits when they get ringworm, and it clears it up almost immediately. You see improvement after just one application.

You can also get clear iodine, if you are concerned about staining.

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