Is she or isn't she?

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We put embryos into some recips a couple weeks ago. While watching for heat this morning I noticed that one of the recip's K-Mar patches was slightly red. A little later another cow mounted her and she stood for a few seconds. Those were the only signs of heat that I noticed. This evening when I checked on them again, her patch was completely red so I assumed that she must have been in a better standing heat later in the day. (Side note: she was last in heat 20 days ago so this does match her cycle).

This evening I tried to AI her. However, I couldn't get the gun all the way through the cervix, so I assume I was hitting the cervical plug and that she must be pregnant with the embryo. I've heard of cows that were bred but continued to show signs of heat. Have any of you had this happen with any of your cows?
Yes! We had a Brahman cow for years that would continue to act like she was cycling after she was bred. When we bought her at a registered sale, she sold as "open".. and I'm going to assume here that the previous owner saw her standing prior to the sale, and assumed she was. She had a purebred Brahman calf four months later... and continued with the same behavior all the years we had her.

Whether this is "common" or not, I couldn't say