Is it too early for urea to be applied?

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Jan 2, 2004
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UK suggested Feb. 15th for some nitrogen applications. I wanted to give pasture a early boost if possible this year. Been warm here lately and already trying to grow some. Mostly fescue grass there, wondered if just a 100# an acre of urea would give it a boost. With my ground if it sets in wet for a while it may be late getting anything. Thoughts?
You have to use your own judgement. But I remember a few years ago we had a very warm and early spring....everybody had put nitrogen on their wheat and pasture fields....everything was growing like gangbusters, then about the middle of April we had 2 or 3 nights down in the teens.

All that N got locked up(frozen) in the plant....which was now toxic. Getting it too tall too fast this early may have unintended consequences....just sayin.

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