Is it HOT yet?

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Feb 3, 2008
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Central Texas
Looks like most of the country is baking today.

Crazy, but we have a 97 degree dry norther today. Winds have been out of the NE at 5 - 8. Will probably make the 102 mark later today.
humitidy been bad here, its been dry enough lately its improved some. i can work all day with those hot temps, but that dam humitidy will sap the life out of you.
Since the last time it rained 59 days ago, the humidity hasn't been to bad here and if you can find some shade the heat is tolerable (for a while if you don't do anything). I'm assuming this is what it is like to live in Arizona. Repaired some electric fence this morning between 7 and 8 (cooler than doing yesteday afternoon). The wind was still and pleny of heat remained from yesterday. Raised a cloud of dust in the pasture just driving thru it that just hung in the air.
I spend mornings and evenings watering the lawn, the flowers, the garden, the animals... It's getting terribly dry here. We need rain in short order and I don't think that's going to happen.
I've got 20 acres I haven't cut once. It's all gone to seed, and I'm going to bushog now and cut in Sept. We get rain at least every other day. My area there are literally thousands of crop acres which won't be planted. Low quality hay will be plentiful.
Pumpkins (I just have 2 plants) are growing like Kudzu.
I call in to question those mild temps for Georgia. I wish it were only 92 or 93. It's been over 100 here for going on two weeks.
Toby L.":21jcv132 said:
It wasn't very long ago everyone was complaining on how cold it was, can't anyone be happy.

Cold is a relative thing. I guess that if you live upnort, then you have the right to complain but it never really gets cold here. Not for very long, anyway. It's the heat that gets to me. We need some rain around here or it is gonna get bad real soon.
Red Bull Breeder":2vg4ctrm said:
I is getting a little Vettey here. :lol:

I like that. Mind if I use it? :lol:

I think it is time to go and wash the old truck again and leave the windows open. Last time I did that it rained like heck.
Dun and Angus Cowman have been getting all the rain. They get two or three inches i get a half inch.We are a way better off than you are Vette.
1982vett":374c2p9w said:
Red Bull Breeder":374c2p9w said:
I is getting a little Vettey here. :lol:
I thought y'all been getting plenty of rain. I'm kind of getting used to doing nothing.

Dude, I'm serious about the truck washing thing. And if it works, I'll drive down to, where is it? Caldwell? Or that other "C" town I'm always confusing it with, and try it at your place. Maybe we can get a convoy headed down there. Buncha clean trucks can't be wrong. You know how tornadoes find trailer parks? Rain finds clean trucks.
If it won't rain during hurricanes I doubt any of those other things would be successful either. The only thing I haven't tried is to get rid of the 4x4 truck. After bothering neighbors to come pull me out of mud puddles for several years, it stopped raining about the time I bought it. Haven't had much use for it since.
Come to think of it... I cleaned the gutters and it has not rained since. They were full of crap from a huge Youpon Holly we have growing in the middle of the front deck, taller than the house and sheds like a sumbich. Overflows the gutters and makes a huge mess. I cleaned them out the last time it rained.

They should be about full of leaves again, though, so it's all good! :shock: :roll:
104f yesterday! I'm stuck inside with the airconditoner going.. Gemonee I hope the electricity doesn't go out! :shock: Right now I'd have to go stay in the frozen foods dep at HEB :lol2: Did anyone see the Married With Children where they did that?

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