Is hereford a british or continental breed?

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Herefords are a British breed originating in the area of Herefordshire. Welsh cattle were also used in the very beginning development of the breed back centuries ago. The Hereford type cattle were originally draft cattle and very large. There was a demand for beef in the Colonies and growing Europe and the Hereford's size was scaled down and they were developed into a smaller, chunkier beef-tpye breed.
In 1898, Warren Gammon, an Iowa cattleman and lawyer, happened to see an exhibit of naturally hornless Herefords at the Trans-Mississippi World's Fair in Omaha, Neb. He set about to "fix" the hornless trait using the bull Giant and 11 females. From his efforts came the development of the American Polled Hereford Association (APHA). This association maintained ancestral and performance records on Polled Herefords until the merger of the APHA and AHA in 1995.

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