Is blonde beef lower in cholesterol than other breeds?

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i raise another breed that also is naturally lean which are texas longhorns.

another breed would be salorns (salers and Longhorn cross)

beefalo are another breed that is naturally low in cholestrol.

but i am not informed enough to know how each of the above 4 breeds would stack up against each other in a head to head contest of cholestrol readings.

what i did see, is that blondes have the rate of gain that is needed for profitablity. would be an excellent outcross. less fat, so minimal trim is needed on carcass.

has 70 to 103 lbs calves birthweight, mostly 90 lbs. good solid red color

no pricing listed for comparison as to how far into pocket book you would have to dig. but a good bull from this breed would be an excellent investment i would think.

blondes maybe the next "new breed"?

trouble is they are more scarce than even the longhorns are, but the potential of profit using them would be there to offset the inital higher cost of obtaining them.

just my humble opinion.


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