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Jun 1, 2005
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Middle Tennessee
I know we have allot of cattle people from other countries that visit this board. I am curious as to how many have travelled to the US and what your opinions are on the geography, people, culture etc.. Please leave any politics or comments on our government out of it so that the thread does not get locked. If you visited the US how was your experience? Where you treated well and did you feel welcome? Did you feel safe? What was your opinion of the food? Did you have any problems getting around? Did you take a look at any cattle operations in the US? I look forward to hearing the comments.
It would be interesting to have more Mexican and Brazilian posters. I suppose the language thing stands in the way. I can count in Spanish and I can't do a darn thing in Portugese.
We do have that fellow from Finland. He's interesting.
Mexico sends a lot of cattle into the USA, and Brazil is the home of our largest packer, so I'd like to hear from them.

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