Insurance quote rant, little help please

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boondocks":t883x1g7 said:
Alan":t883x1g7 said:
Typo! I called corporate office and they had a copy of the estimate to look at, a couple of calls by them and they called me back...should have been $61.59 per hour, but she reported $6 per hour... on my toes and loving this adventure...... not!

gen labor over $60/hr?! I am in the wrong line of work. Several of 'em
61.95 is for the contractor - to supervise and pay the gen labor who will receive approx 20.65 (42,950 per yr)
leaving 41.30 to cover contractor overhead (equipment, insurance, office expenses ect.) and his wages (85,900)
I had my own insurance rant a couple of weeks ago.
I kept waking up sick several time Sunday night and about 5:00am Monday I woke up throwing up blood. My wife took me to my insurance companies preferred ER. Turns out after a EGD (whatever that is when they put a scope down your throat.)
I have a bleeding ulcer. I went on line to look at my eob and all $5277.00 was denied for nonemergency use of an emergency room..
They still have not approved paying the claim,it makes me wonder if it is intentional and some people pay???
I called the insurance company and asked exactly what did it take to be an emergency.. Turns out it got coded as hypothyroidism...

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