installing some handling chutes and.........

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My back goes south on me. Not the first time, beena year or so since the last go around. It sucks getting older. What's even worse is I'm only mid 30's. Back trouble since I was in my mid 20's. Worst one put me down for a week.
i blew my back out good before i was the older i get the more i have tobe careful.if i step or turn wrong its lieable to pop out.
Chiropractor often helps if skeleton is out of place. Sometimes they help me, sometimes not.
I am planning to go to acupuncture. Just haven't got around to it.
If I miss one one or two days doing stretches, calesthentics and some yoga things get worse real fast.

I bought an ultrasound device which does help, particularly with soreness.
alacattleman":2b386w03 said:
mine to, but i have better luck doing stretches and walking, than i did with the chiroprator

Best thing I've ever done. Now I can feel it tensing up before it catches and when it does pull, it doesn't last near as long or hurt as bad.
Decompression seems to be the thing everyone speaks of now. There's a maintenance mechanic I work with who has put in one of those deep whirl pool tanks. He puts weights on his legs, floats under his arms, and slips off into the tank. Says it is better than anything else he's tried.
I'm usually very careful with my back and stretch daily since I do physical work for a living. I worked this AM and felt good enough to go work on the chutes some more. Still a little painful, but working thu it seems to help loosen things up a bit. Thanks for all the recc.

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