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Jan 21, 2008
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North Florida
I have a cow that has been sick, I was giving her injections of LA200 SQ every other day x 3 doses. She is better now but has very large lumps (4) in front of her shoulders. I guess a reaction to the medication. I gave 10ml per site but these lumps are very big and hard. What happened? Should I do anything? I had to call the vet so many tines while she was sick I hate to call her again for something that may not be a real problem. Anybody know anythin about this? :???:
I've found that new needles are less likely to leave lumps than used ones. Less irritation an less crap grabbed as the skin is cut I guess.
Thanks... I was jsut getting worried because of the size. I only put in 10 ml which leaves a small bump that has turned into very large hard knots. I will wait and see
Massage the area immediately after administering the medicines. That helps. You'll still get knots from time to time tho. Just leave 'em be.
Give you subq shots in the fold of skin behind the front shoulder. Just as good and is in an active area where soreness and swelling it not as likely to occur.

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