Infection around horn that was dehorned

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My heifer was dehorned in Jan. All of a sudden last week there is an infection in it. I talked to the vet to tell him I was cleaning it with Clorhexadrine and using an NFZ puffer in it. It is improving, but I'm running out of the NFZ. I saw Scarlet something or other and blue something or other at the feed store for superficial infections. Is one of these better than the other or is there another product I should use?

I figure she got it when she was scratching her head up against something than rubbed it with that filthy foot of hers! Thanks

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The infection is not in it, it is not rotting away or causing a hole to go into the hole. It is superficial or around the edge of the horn. It appears the hole of the old horn is growing in. Her other horn hole filled in and grew back in March with no problem. It hasn't kept growing, so I know in the end all is good.

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> We always use wonder dust it is labeled for horses but we have used it for years on our cattle and dogs it acts as a blood stop powder and it kills maggots if a wound has gotten that far.

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