inducing labor

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I have a couple of bred heifers that I bought that are on strike. Normally I wouldn't be concerned but these two are bred to an "easy calving shorthorn" which is an oxymoron btw. I'm just curious if anyone had induced labor before, and was it simple. I have visions of the calves gaining three pounds a day in their mommas and my 80 lb heifer calves are turning into 120lb train wrecks.
I've induced quite a few heifers, and a few cows. It's fairly simple to do, as long as they're over 8 months bred. Complications--they often retain their membranes and have to be cleaned. Can be slow to rebreed because of this...

Dexamethasone 25mg IM Estrumate 2ml OR Lutalyse 5ml IM

Calving in 40 hours according to the book, unfortunately they don't always read it...30 hours common.

Good Luck V

And there are easy calving shorts out there....

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